Motivation for running in the rain

Motivation for running in the rain

On Saturday morning Fi and I arranged to meet at mad o’ clock at the bandstand. We had planned to run 15 miles and as I was working all day, 6.15am saw us bright and cheery at the bandstand ready to head off for the hills on a lovely May bank holiday weekend morning.

It was drizzling with rain and grey and overcast, but our spirits were high and we were raring to go!

As we headed past the sea and up into Whitbread Hollow, it looked like the top of the downs was inside a cloud. We were talking so much that I only gave it a glance; as we ran up the hill and into the cloud the rain came down, the wind whipped up, biting cold blowing the icy rain straight at us. The May day became like a winter’s day, and even though we have become used to rain over the past few weeks, this was something else.

As we headed for home, we could feel the resolve of 15 miles slipping away; our hands were hurting with the cold and my usual trick of putting them on the warmer skin on the inside of my thighs didn’t seem to make much of a thaw. I encouraged Fi to do the same… you have the image? Two bedraggled runners, bent over, hands thrust down running tights, shivering, but needless to say, laughing!

We ran back down to the seafront which was less exposed to the elements and managed 12 of our intended 15 miles.

Today when we met, we spent most of the run taking clothes off, as despite the greyness of the morn, it felt hot and almost sultry. It is no wonder British people talk so much about the weather!

Fortunately, I like being outside. I always have, but without running I might well not do so.

It is the state of ‘not ever questioning going’ which seems to be the answer, not having an option works for me. Of course I know I do have an option; but then I have an option not to clean my teeth, but I wouldn’t take it.

Running really is as ingrained a habit as that, and both things are sustaining for the rest of my life.

The teeth cleaning thing means that others don’t mind being nearby and keeps me kissable too, and the running keeps me in shape, so that the ones who want to kiss me like holding on too!

See how I am finding ways to motivate myself to go running in the rain…

Did you go out for a run over the bank holiday? Did you miss the rain? What drives you to get out and run when the weather is against you?


Your comment about not giving yourself the option not to run is interesting. I have found that writing down a planned set of runs for the week in my training log significantly increases my commitment to doing them. This is further reinforced  by the knowledge that this week's runs form part of a bigger plan, aimed at developing me as a runner and helping me achieve my goals for the coming year. My plans are not set in stone and may change, particularly if injury strikes, but normally, they get done.

Not sure who to atteribute this to but it seems apt, if somewhat gradiose. I got it from the The Iron Lady, in which it is said by Margaret Thatcher.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”



IS THERE A MUSE OF RUNNING ? the urge came upon me today to follow running bug and get off the road onto mud was lovely, except the cows, silly cows, who were quite taken aback by my luminous running coat. it was great to go up(yes up) hills and feel the trees rustle and drip rain onto me. i live by the sea, a flat prom to run along, but today the hills won x