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I have loved my week of running! At first it felt a bit hard to have done week one of ‘proper training’ and there was week two straight away, expecting to be run too! This is something I have learned over the years. Take a day at a time, a run at a time, a minute at a time; because the next one is following closely behind, wanting to be lived too, in its richness or in its emptiness. All moments are there to be lived to the full and, so that we feel energized to live each one to the full, each one must be lived to the full, with not too much ‘looking ahead’

So on Monday morning I decided to have a rest day, and live that day to the full! - to allow for the work I did last week to take effect and to feel ready to ‘run again ‘on Tuesday! This was just as well… Fi and I ran 8 miles on the downs in the morning and then as she dropped me off at my home, she asked what I felt about meeting for intervals later … we met again at 6pm on the seafront to run 10 x 90seconds with 30 second jog recovery.

I am very glad I did it, firstly because I loved running side by side with Fi again, running faster, and feeling like me. Secondly, because I remembered the joy of breathing hard and stretching out and thirdly because of the race I have just run today and it reminded me not to go off too fast! I didn’t recover at all really in the 30 seconds ‘recovery phase’, well a bit, but I was still breathing hard at the start of the repetition, so in effect ‘body system –wise’ I did a continuous ‘effort’!

However, it was perfect preparation for the race, a Sussex League X country race. I realised as I drove there that it was 7 years since I donned a pair of spikes. I had to hunt around for them at the bottom of my ‘show cupboard’ and the actual spiky bits too, which I found in a kitchen drawer!

I felt nervous and excited as I drove over; I wasn’t aiming high, I knew I was much less fit than 6 months ago, but the thrill of the chase never fails to excite me and the feeling of anticipation expands me somehow. I also loved seeing all my team mates, the familiar faces going back over 20 years!

As I ran round, finishing eventually in 28th place I reflected that the feeling is no different to flying along at the front. Well not to me now anyway because fortunately for my soul, my self worth does not depend on my running results.

However, this does not stop me aiming high – ‘I’ll get fitter’ – I announced to Tom, our team manager after the race.

Last week, I discovered that I finished the year no 3 over 50 year old, in the UK for the marathon. Months of injury of course mean that I have lost fitness, but as Judith, one of my team mates said ‘if you came back as fit without training, what would be the point of training’!?

Fortunately the gym work has kept me ‘fit enough’ to run, but not as race fit as I was or will be! 

But, what was more enriching than anything was the feeling of connection, to me and my soul in motion, just running free and also to the relationships that have grown and blossomed, simply by meeting at muddy venues around Sussex over the past 20 years.