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Marvellous Mimi

Marvellous Mimi
Record-breaking ultra runner, glamorous grandmother and fan of all things pink, Mimi Anderson.
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  • Blog Post: JUNGLE ULTRA - UP TO DAY 4 (Nearly there!)

    Catch up on Day One of Mimi's Jungle Ultra here Day 2 - 32km Getting dressed this morning wasn't very pleasant as all my kit was still wet from the day before and I was struggling to get my body temperature up - my teeth were chattering so much I thought they might wear out! Drew very...
  • Blog Post: RACING IN THE COLD!

    Winter is now upon us, snow falling time for the winter running gear to come out! Unfortunately for me I have been told that I'm not allowed to run until the beginning of January so will miss the pleasures of running in all this marvellous snow which is very sad. However, I thought perhaps you might...
  • Blog Post: BROKEN TOE!

    This past week has been the most inactive week I think I have had all year - I'm not very good at doing nothing!! The day I returned home from my World Record (to be verified) my poor husband had to carry me up and down the stairs as I couldn't walk! firstly due to my very unattractive swollen...
  • Blog Post: Arriving and 1st day of the Jungle Ultra 2012

    The Jungle Ultra is a 230k self sufficiency staged race over 6 days in the Jungles of Peru. Peru is a country I have always wanted to visit and to be given the opportunity to race in the Jungle was a great excuse. Although I did have my worries, lots of bugs, snakes and for me the worst fear were...
  • Blog Post: 2012 here I come!

    Not long now until the dawn of another year, I wonder what excitements and adventures lie ahead? 2011 has been a good year for me, I have raced in some fantastic locations, met amazing people, laughed, cried, celebrated and shared some wonderful moments with family and friends. We always wonder whether...
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