Training sessions going well!

Training sessions going well!

After weeks of being a good girl (well most of the time) I have finally been given the go ahead to run by my consultant after my x-ray confirmed that the toe was healing nicely, however I'm not allowed to do any ultras until after my next x-ray in March just to check that it has completely healed - I can live with that and to be quite honest with you it will take me a bit of time to build up to the Ultra distance again!

Training has been going well.  Week one I only did 5 sessions but did make a couple of the runs slightly longer.  My first speed session nearly killed me, but I managed to stick to the session and came away feeling happy with what I had done - although my face and was rather red!  The longest session was a 10 miler which I took nice and steady, occasionally having to walk for a few seconds when I got to the top of a hill.  This slightly frustrated me as I usually don't have a problem with hills, but after the time I have had off from any cardio work I'm not really surprised.

I am also doing an intense kettlebells class twice a week, this works really well for me as I get extremely bored when it comes to doing weights - my mind just seems to switch off and think about all the other things I should be doing at home!  (that will please my husband!)

This week has been marvellous, had a great run with a friend, speed sessions have gone well, although I wouldn't recommend doing a speed session after an intense spinning class!.  Again this week I'm supposed to have two days of rest and my longest run is 11 miles, however I have added a further 15 miler into my schedule to get my endurance up a bit faster.

I have two dogs that come running with me, a black lab and a very naughty but loveable Jack Russell, their fitness levels are now creeping back up again which is wonderful and now come and do my long runs with me.  After about 5 miles they always end up running behind me with the Jack Russell darting off every so often to chase a rabbit or see if he can climb a tree after a squirrel! 

You know that feeling when you go for a run and everything seems to work? I had one of those on Monday, the sun was shining, the dogs were having a great time and I had a smile on my face from start to finish - marvellous, that's what running is all about, enjoyment.

I was interviewed the other day by Julia Armstrong for her podcast, I always get very nervous before an interview, I think because I worry that I will say something stupid or the wrong thing - everyone else always sounds great when they are interviewed, but I think perhaps we all feel like that?  She was extremely easy to talk to which made such a difference.

So, here's to another week of training, hopefully with smiles on our faces!

Happy Training