Have You Got Olympic Fever?

Have You Got Olympic Fever?

How inspired are you feeling? Have you got Olympic fever?

This week on the Running Bug forums there’s a lot of chat about the Games, including some of you talking about your pride following Danny Boyle’s spectacular opening ceremony. ‘I even shed a little tear when I was watching the ceremony!’ said, LGray. And Midgie Thompson admits, ‘I’m glued to the TV watching more than is good for work at the moment!!’

olympic prideToday’s tally of medals is ten: two gold, four silver and four bronze. Okay we’ve got a bit of a way to go to catch current leaders, China with their grand total of 30 medals! But still, there have been some great moments already.

And of course, being the Olympics, with the highs, come the lows – and the dramas: banned Chinese, South Korean and Indonesian badminton players tactically playing to lose; accusations of doping after 16 year-old Chinese Swimmer, Ye Shiwen won Gold; and some tweet complaints that Kasaksthan’s Alexander Vinokourov, formerly banned for drugs shouldn’t be allowed a medal (especially when our podium-hopeful, Mark Cavendish came a disappointing 29th, to his first).

But for us runners, the best is yet to come, with the athletics kicking off next week. Highlights will include Mo Farah’s attempt to win Gold in the 5000m, and Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake’s battle, potentially the fastest race in history. What surprises do you think we may have in store? Add your comments, below!

Every athlete taking part in the Olympics has been focused on their training for years, putting all their energy into preparing for this epic event. And any of you who have taken part in a big race will have a little more understanding of why we should hold these sports’ people in high regard. But we haven’t forgotten your valiant efforts and we’d like to applaud, forumites, Westie, Shawy, Mutley, Maryke, Nickrunner, Stevemon and 'The Captain' who represented the Running Bug at The T24 Thunder Run. The relay event took place over 24 hours – you can read about the teams’ highs and lows in Stevemon’s blog.


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As anyone who’s taken part in a big event will know, there’s no age limit to running. Who hasn’t been overtaken by a nifty 60-something? Find out how to make the most of the decade you’re in from 20s up to 60-plus. With the energy of the Olympics and today’s full moon, we decided it’s time to talk sex! Find out how running can help you in the bedroom. As mentioned above, the Olympics always courts controversy, join in our Great Debate. This week we ask if you’re for or against this statement: Athletes with a history of drug cheating should be banned from picking up medals in the Olympics.

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