The Greatest Show on Earth: Inspiration Tips

The Greatest Show on Earth: Inspiration Tips

The Greatest Show on Earth…. I think you could say London delivered on so many levels, Great Britain, Great Athletes, Great Competition, Great Games Makers and pretty much Great Weather. So, what was it that inspired you the most, what one memory sticks out in your mind? Write it down, cut out photos, words and record the music that brings that memory to life. For you can use that memory to enhance your performance, increase your motivation and give you the courage you need, to commit to your goals.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are, whatever they are, they are your dreams. And if the Olympics taught us one thing, it is to have courage to follow your dreams. The path may not always flow, but along the way you will always experience and learn, meet people and understand yourself more than you could ever do, if you didn’t step out of your comfort zone.

Over the last few weeks (and apologies about the delay in this blog!), I have stepped out of my comfort zone and experienced a huge range of things, met so many wonderful people and enhanced my belief that you have to really learn to believe in yourself to make things happen. No one else can do it for you.

IronmanFirst up, I am proud to say I completed my first Ironman, as part of my charity challenge to raise £2,706.11 for my best friend’s little daughter, Ashley, who died at birth. I completed Ironman UK in 14hrs, 45mins and 45 secs, and raised £3,030 for 5 amazing charities. To say the day was long is an understatement, yet the moments that filled it, will stay with me for the rest of my life. From my brilliant support team, to the Marine’s competing without limbs to the fellow athletes with stories to share. The Ironman is a journey, and I stand by the thought, ‘where you think your boundaries are, and where they actually are, differ.’ My fundraising from the Ironman takes the total amount I and my clients have raised since 2004, to over £30,000 which is amazing!

Following the Ironman, I headed to London town to become a Games Maker for the London 2012 Olympics. This again involved several long days, the same start time as the Ironman, around 3am. Yet, just like the Ironman it didn’t seem to matter. I was involved in the Triathlon, Delta Force Sector at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner! Once again, the day was filled with moments of inspiration, passion, courage and commitment, the athletes were awesome, the spectators brilliant and the other Games Makers, a ‘tribe’ of wonderful people. People all over the world volunteer, if you have never tried it, give it a go. You will meet people of all ages, from all backgrounds and amongst it all, I guarantee you will find a nugget of inspiration, which will be worth every moment of time & energy you give.

And yes, there is more! I am proud to be a National Ambassador for Sweaty Betty and part of this involved me taking 5-10km run’s around the best bits of London (which also involved running them before as I really don’t know the routes!). Once again, so many different people of different fitness levels turned up to run. It was such a pleasure to take people around London, some speaking very little English, to other’s who were seriously speedy and competitive. Each run, people shared ideas and inspiration, training tips and advice.

What did I take from my crazy three months…and what could you? I would say, it doesn’t matter what your goal is, however big or small the most important thing is getting the right support team in place, professionally and personally. It’s about creating the right plan that motivates you, being open to suggestions, putting yourself out of your comfort zone and staying aware at all times. It’s then about keeping that awareness, observing excellence, being consistent and believing in you.

So I challenge you to write down three things that you would like to achieve by Christmas. I dare you to include that ‘dream’ that you keep talking about, but never committing to making it happen. Perhaps you could even comment below, and you never know who in the Running Bug Community may appear to support you to achieve your dream.

Until next time (which is back to the regular two weeks), I wish you Happy Running.

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Brilliant Jan!! Thank you for commenting :-) You have done really well... and I look forward to supporting the Firewalk for an awesome charity.  Will be amazing.  Happy times... who is going to join her. There will be a Bootcamp in the morning so why not come to Bristol for the weekend?! There is a thought.... Kim



So much of this rings a bell! I went to Kim's Achieve Your New Year Resolutions session in January and it kick-started the year for me but life has got in the way recently and I need to get back to some planning.

Get out of your comfort zone - I'm planning a fire-walk in October. yes, it does what it says on the tin. I, with a gang of other people, will be walking across hot coals and raising £3000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Learn to believe in yourself to make things happen - I wanted to do it and the only way I could see was to organise an event myself. A professional company will be doing it - I'm not just lighting a big barbecue and sending people over it!

The right support team - I have a friend who'd like to do the fire walk but is doing a marathon soon afterwards and didn't want to risk sore feet, even though it's highly unlikely that would happen. She offered to organise a .............. well, we didn't want a raffle, so it's a lucky dip, with a "hot" theme. I wanted a bran tub so we're wondering about calling it a hot tub! That's taken a load off my mind.  Kim and many of Team Energised keep me going: several have signed up already to walk.  If you'd like to join us you can get more information or sponsor me on

Just in case anyone thinks I'm a daring young person who's done sporty things all her life, I'll just add that I'm 63 and all my school reports said how quiet and shy I was. I don't think I had much in the way of comments for PE because I was usually hiding in the toilets.

So.......out of my comfort Zone................. you bet!