Top Training Sessions for Runners

Top Training Sessions for Runners

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Training sessions for runners

I hope you had a great weekend? I have lots of clients training for the London Marathon, many for their first time and they have their structured training plans and are doing really well. Alongside them I have many people training for their first 5km (often Race for Life) or 10k run this year, many email and ask for some general advice and top tips so I thought I would write a few of the key sessions down that could benefit your training, instead of just running at one pace the whole time.  I hope they help and do share your motivation tips in the comments at the bottom of the page!

  • Technique

Focus on your posture and good technique for this run – for 5 minutes focus on each area during your run – breathing, relaxed shoulders and upper body, strong, switched on core muscles, buttock activation and good foot placement – do this once or twice and you will have improved your technique, and run for about an hour!


  • Interval - Fartlek

Once you have warmed up today’s run is about increasing your speed – so for every other tree or lamppost you are going to increase your pace to a sprint, and then recover until the next one – sometimes you will be running fast for a long time, sometimes you will be recovering for a long time – see if you can maintain this 20mins…

 Read more about Fartlek Training for Runners.

  • Strength – Hills

Mix up you usual run with a hilly route aiming to power up the hills and recover on the flats – or once you have a base of fitness, choose a hill and do 4-8 repetitions to increase strength and power – find a friend and get competitive with them! 

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  • Pacing – Fun one!

Imagine your favourite sports car as you head out for your run…. For the main part of the run you are going to increase your ‘gears’ every minute so you start in gear 1, increasing all the way to gear 5-6, then decrease back down and repeat – and if there are corners you will have to decrease into, and accelerate out ….just like driving a car!  A fun way to do a pyramid set, keeping your mind focusing on something positive


  • Music – get the right beats!

If you like running with music spend a little time creating a play list which has the right beat per minute to encourage you to increase your speed – mix your session up with some slow and quick bpm tracks to vary your pace and workout!  On average ( depending on your stride length) a steady run would be 153bpm, average to quick 153-161bpm, building to high intensity training at 172bpm. This is a good site to tell you more and download some tunes! . Run to the Beat is a Half Marathon with Music supporting this belief.


  • Competitive!

Once warmed up today you are going to get competitive, choosing to increase your pace and overtake people who are just ahead of you – maintain that speed once you have overtaken them, until you have counted to 20 in your head – return to a steady pace and repeat when you catch site of the next person.


  • Easy Running – brain training…

Decide on a goal, problem or idea you would like to have the answer for – head out on the run with this as your focus (no music this time), by the time you have finished your run you will have got the action plan to move forwards, and completed your run!

 Set yourself a goal, Search for a Running Event Near You.

Good Luck to Everyone running the Sports Relief Mile, 3 or 6 Miles! Enjoy and think of all the money you will be raising for charity.


As usual, until next week, Happy Happy Running!