Love Training: Enhance It With a Training Buddy

Love Training: Enhance It With a Training Buddy

Our 3 Top Training Buddy Sessions...

"Success is waking up in the morning and bounding out of bed because there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you're good at - something that's bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again." Whit Hobbs

IFS Personal Trainer of the Year & Energised Bootcamp Head Coach Kim Ingleby suggests some top tips for training with a friend…

Some people really enjoy training on their own. However, the benefits of training with a friend or joining a running group with a similar fitness level, is definitely evident. From increased motivation, commitment, accountability and fun, to challenging sessions, it is definitely worth trying. It is cheaper than having a personal trainer or coach too, but can be just as motivating. And that is speaking as a personal trainer! So have the courage to ask a friend if they would like to get training – set some clear 6 week goals which you both share, a weekly training date and then notice the difference in your training with these workout ideas below… no kit required – just a good pair of trainers, sports bra ladies and your training buddy!

Here are three simple workouts you could have with a friend…. We have not included Heart Rate Training but will do in another blog soon! Happy training…

Running Sessions…
The most effective way to improve your overall running pace, become faster and more efficient is to mix up your training sessions. This will also give you a leaner, lighter and more toned physique due to the way the variety challenges your body (as long as you get your Nutrition, Rest and Recovery right too).

Most people find it difficult to do a true hill or speed session on their own but, do an interval session with a friend and you will feel the difference, and in time, see the results.

Two options …
Both assume that you have had a 20min run at a comfortable pace to warm up and have a good quality stretch at the end – really important!

  • Hill Intervals: Find a challenging hill on your route where it will be easy to do repeats. Then decide how many repetitions you are going to do. I would recommend you start with 3 and build every fortnight to 6 reps, possibly 8 depending on how long the hill is, and what your goal and running background is.

In turns you run up the hill as fast as you can, keeping good technique, feet light, body strong and arms working – jog easily on the way down, keeping your core engaged. When you reach the bottom your friend goes, so your recovery is the time it takes your friend to run up and down. Alternatively, you could pace each other up the hill, recover together and repeat! Either way, a great incentive to be strong and powerful up the hill.

  • Speed Intervals: Find a flat piece of ground with an even surface to allow you to run efficiently – together decide on the distance – you can either do repeats of the same distance or time, for example 400m sprints or 60 secs x 8 with 60 secs recovery. Or you can choose to do a pyramid of sprints, for example 15sec, 30secs, 45secs, 60secs, 45secs, 30secs, 15secs with the recovery time jogging back to the start – repeating this pyramid 2 – 3 times as fitness improves.

Generally the sprints work well together as you will push yourselves, however if your fitness levels are quite different then you can do it like the hills, where one sprints whilst the other recovers.

Then you could both enter a race to motivate you – perhaps the Cancer Research Race for Life or 10km Race in the Autumn – all over the UK, bound to find one that you both like!

  • Outdoor Circuits: Outdoor circuits are brilliant to do together, really good fun, challenging and more effective with a partner. Set out a circuit with each of you deciding on 3-4 exercises, choosing one lower body, one upper body, one core and one cardio exercise each, so it gets you both involved. Alternatively, one of you decides on the circuit one week, and the other the next. Strength Training I believe is key to improving running performance, and reducing the risk of injury.

Assuming you have warmed up with a 10 -15min jog, and cooled down for 10mins, including some good stretches.

Circuit 1:
Lunges             Squats
Press Ups         Tricep Dips
Crunches         Dorsal Raises
Star Jumps        Sprints on the spot

Circuit 2:
Wide Squats        Calve Raises
Half Tricep Press Up    Bicep Curls with your water bottles
Plank             Back Alternates
Burpees         Spotty Dogs

Aim to do each exercise for 30secs to begin with – building to 60secs – repeat once, and in time to the circuit 2-3 times depending on your goal. If you are unsure of any technique do ask a professional to avoid injury – nothing should cause pain when you do it. You can do the exercises together to motivate each other – or different exercises and encourage each other, and observe each others technique to avoid injury. If you can, move quickly between the exercises with no rest as you are always working a different muscle group this should be fine, but listen to your body.

The list is endless and so is the fun, support and enjoyment. So get planning some sessions with your friends, partner or family even… LOVE Running, Happy Weeks to you all…

PS Being ‘LOVE’ Running Week I had to share this photo with you, my weekend away, Running at Lulworth Cove… can’t get better than this! Amazing

Do you train with a buddy? Will you try out one of these training sessions? Have you got your own training plan that you would like to share with others? Let us know in the comments below.