Your Pre Festive Resolutions…..

Your Pre Festive Resolutions…..

I hope you have had a great weekend? We ran a fully booked Pre Festive Big Bootcamp Day - lots of exercise, goal setting, challenges and fun had by all.

As we were goal setting someone said to me, 'I'm not going to bother focusing on my goals until my New Year's resolutions begin...... ' I say, 'Please bother with them! You have 5 weeks until then.... with a little focus you could achieve a few exciting things. So take an hour or so this evening, and set some mini goals.

We often put something until tomorrow, which we could do today if we had the FOCUS and commitment. I would like you think about what you would like to achieve by the start of 2012?

We are going to focus on running, but you can do this for any area of your life. Take a piece of paper and score out of ten how happy you are with the following areas:

  1. Motivation to Train
  2. Clarity of Goals
  3. Quality of Training
  4. Variety of Training
  5. Quality of Rest & Recovery
  6. Stretching & Core Sessions
  7. Strength & Balance Sessions
  8. Good, balanced Nutrition
  9. Good quality sleep
  10. Overall wellbeing & health
  11. Positive Mental State
  12. Fun Time Training

One = really unhappy with this area. Ten = totally happy with this area.

Then highlight the top 3-5 areas you would like to make some changes to within the next 5 weeks. They will be really clear, specific and achievable being aware of your commitments over Christmas.

Once you have chosen your tops areas (and many will link together and affect each, so choose the ones that will make the biggest difference) write down the key mini goals you will achieve each week and pin them up somewhere you will see, so you can tick it off when you achieve it! Make sure you tell at least 2 people who will keep you accountable to making it happen.

Area to Work on:

Mini Goal to Achieve each week:

Accountable to:

Another way you could do this, which we will be starting on our Facebook (Energised Performance) page, is setting an Advent Callander Mini Goal for each day. If you achieve it, you put £1-10 in a money pot (you choice how much), then in 25 days time you can treat yourself with something for achieving all those mini goals. Let us know how you get on, and do share your daily Advent Goals with other Running Bug Followers below, and lets achieve some great things before the Father Christmas arrives!

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