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  • Salomon S-Lab Adv 12 Set Review

    Hi guys, I was fortunate enough to be asked to review some Salomon kit, so heres my first impartial and honest review of their S-Lab Adv 12 back pack which is ideal for adventure racing and long distances. Hopefully it stops someone wasting money like...
    Posted: 22 days ago 9250 views 0 comments
  • Grand Union Canal Race 2016

    I had been looking in 2015 to step up to a 100 miler after previously having done the 70 mile Saffron Trail but was unable to find anything that fitted in with work. By coincidence I saw a tweet that said it was the last day for GUCR applications, quickly...
    Posted: 1 month ago 14157 views 0 comments
  • Running a Marathon in every EU nation

    My name is Mike, I’m from Bristol (UK) and I’ve just come back from running the 5 th of 28 EU marathons for charity. Last weekend I ran the Alexander The Great Marathon in Thessaloniki, Greece and I have another 3 for the year lined up in...
    Posted: 2 months ago 832 views 5 comments
  • Going Big In 2016

    Well, it's been a while since posting a blog update again! But not without good reason. Heading towards the end of 2015 I had managed to get on top of injury problems in my left leg and only a matter of weeks after posting my last update in October...
    Posted: 4 months ago 197620 views 2 comments
  • London2Cambridge and how I'm prepping

    I have been a tad busy lately. In one respect I have been “finding myself”; as it were, and also getting things into gear for; what will be; the most extreme physical test I have ever put myself against. I realised the other day that in a...
    Posted: 4 months ago 325 views 3 comments
  • Daryl - The Edinburgh Marathon Festival

    After last year’s Edinburgh Marathon we asked some of our” Team Maggie’s” participants to answer some questions about their experience. The second of our featured EMF runners is Daryl, aged 29 from Edinburgh. Daryl had previously...
    Posted: 4 months ago 69311 views 0 comments
  • Running & Racing With a Broken Heart

    Firstly apologies once again for taking forever to re-blog. I could throw in all the usual excuses - life has been mental, have 3 kids, having some building work on our house, work is full on, have a hole in my heart - blah blah blah but I won’t...
    Posted: 4 months ago 174480 views 3 comments
  • Outdoors VS Treadmill

    Isn’t it funny? This morning I was driving to work, thinking about the fact that I haven’t actually written a blog post for a while. One of my goals for 2016 was to write more because it would be good for my mental wellbeing. The thing...
    Posted: 5 months ago 380 views 5 comments
  • Katie Tuff - The Edinburgh Marathon 2015/16

    After last year’s Edinburgh Marathon we asked some of our” Team Maggie’s” participants to answer some questions about their experience. First up is Katie Tuff, aged 26 from Edinburgh. We asked Katie how many races she has taken...
    Posted: 5 months ago 81685 views 0 comments