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    WARNING, RUNNING CAN AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AROUND. JULY 27 TH 2015 – MY 2 ND RUNNING ANNIVERSARY Hi everyone. For those who know me already, you will know most of this, for those who don’t, I hope you enjoy. My name is Ian, or...
    Posted: 1 day ago 33 views 0 comments
  • 10 things only people who’ve run the great north run will understand

    The Great North Run is the world’s leading half marathon and was first staged in 1981 where just over 12,000 people took part from the start line in Newcastle upon Tyne to the finish in South Shields on the coast. Entries have soared over the 33...
    Posted: 3 days ago 262 views 1 comments
  • We want you - become a Running Bug reviewer

    We're looking for passionate and reliable runners to review some of the latest and greatest kit from some amazing brands. If you think you're the ideal person, just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch in the coming months if we...
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  • What I'll be doing 48 hours before the GNR

    PUMA Points Challenge #2; Great North Run, Training & What I'll be doing 48hrs prior to race day! Yes; that's right folks; The Running Bug and PUMA are throwing a Points Challenge rematch at everyone, and they want all the captains to take...
    Posted: 8 days ago 65 views 2 comments
  • Kiqplan - 5k Run Ready

    Kiqplan 5k Run Ready is the ultimate app to get you in tip top shape for your 5K. A trainer, nutritionist and motivational coach all in one app. In 12 weeks, it'll show you exactly what to eat and how to train leading up to the 5k you have in mind...
    Posted: 14 days ago 5131 views 0 comments
  • New: Share your running playlist

    We've added a new feature to the running bug that will mean you'll be able to share all your favourite running tracks and albums with your friends. All you'll need to do is select "update your status" on the homepage, then write...
    Posted: 23 days ago 55279 views 6 comments
  • Kiqplan - 10k Run Ready

    10k Run Ready is a trainer, nutritionist and motivational coach all in one app. In 12 weeks Kiqplan will help fine-tune your fitness and build up your speed until you’re confident to compete the 10k you have in mind. Whether its out on the roads...
    Posted: 28 days ago 10848 views 0 comments
  • How did you do in the PUMA Points challenge?

    Congratulations to the overall PUMA Points champions - Team Energy! It was a close call for most of the competition, with Team Energy and Team Ignite fighting neck and neck for much of it but Team Energy beat them to the post. You logged a MASSIVE...
    Posted: 28 days ago 163404 views 16 comments
  • PUMA Points Challenge - Done & Dusted

    So four weeks just kind of flew by; did something happen that got everyone doing a little more than normal or something? So the sun sets on another challenge, whether you think it was a success or not is up to you, personally, I found it to be a...
    Posted: 30 days ago 345 views 26 comments