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  • This Girl Can want you

    Wanted! Women for This Girl Can: Running video opportunity. If you’re a budding runner, cyclist or canoeist then we have an exciting opportunity for you! We’re looking for three women to feature in a video that we’re producing...
    Posted: 1 hour ago 108 views 2 comments
  • Kiqplan – your personal trainer for Race for Life

    Download, lace up and get your race face on!
    Posted: 1 day ago 217 views 0 comments
  • Oops I did it again...

    Posted on July 24, 2015 by FirstTimes&FinishLines So here I am, just under a year on from my first ever 5k run; Swansea, Race for Life. What have I been up to in that time? I have stopped partying so hard, I stay home often, spend more quality...
    Posted: 4 days ago 80 views 1 comments
  • What are your favourite running apps?

    When it comes to tracking your runs, everyone has a preference, and whilst some wouldn't dream of leaving the house without a GPS tracker others just prefer to keep it simple. And then there's the debate over whether apps or watches are the...
    Posted: 7 days ago 17267 views 22 comments
  • #BackToTheStadium - Great Newham Run

    Posted on July 20, 2015 by FirstTimes&FinishLines I wanted to write this blog while I am still riding the high from crossing the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium finishing line... to be honest it may take a few more days to truly sink in! The...
    Posted: 8 days ago 198 views 6 comments
  • The tale of two races – part 2: Great Newham London run

    Hot on the heels of the Iffley Miles , I headed to the Olympic Park to see if I score a second PB in as many days at the Great Newham London 10k. The day turned out to be amazing, tough and ridiculous in equal measures! You know when running is more...
    Posted: 8 days ago 207 views 1 comments
  • The tale of two races – part 1: Iffley Miles

    Last year I discovered a fascinating-yet-underloved running distance that has won my heart. The Oxford University’s Iffley Road track hosted the Iffley Miles , along with my very approximate attempt to emulate Sir Roger Bannister. The 60th anniversary...
    Posted: 8 days ago 133 views 0 comments
  • PUMA Points Challenge - Great Newham 10k Run & Captains Meeting

    Brilliant weather, my biggest bugmeet day, and a stadium of champions Sunday July 19th was a day that will stay with me for a long time, not because of the race itself, but because of the people I was able to meet, and the thrill of running into...
    Posted: 8 days ago 187 views 5 comments
  • It's All Relative

    I wanted to write a post for Bugs who are new to running or are struggling to gain confidence or keep going. It's so easy to lose heart when you start out. Seeing people breeze by at what seem like phenomenal rates. Seeing other Bugs log miles and...
    Posted: 8 days ago 6479 views 6 comments