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  • Had a hard week? This #GoFasterFriday recipe will revive you!

    What's not to like about this amazing chilli? Warming, nourishing, loaded with complex carbohydrate, protein, B vitamins, iron and calcium, it's destined to sustain your energy and concentration as well as boost the immune system. I'm...
    Posted: 4 days ago 98 views 0 comments
  • Ealing HM 2015

    There I stood; beneath the trees lining the path that lead down to the main field; watching the mist rise slowly revealing sponsor stall after sponsor stall; taking in as much as I could from this experience. One or two other runners; who had also...
    Posted: 8 days ago 86 views 2 comments
  • A Baby, a 2.25 Marathon & a Hole In The Heart

    It's been a while since I last wrote a blog. In fact, it's been over two years and since then a lot has happened. We now have a new addition to our family, a beautiful little girl, called Poppy Lucy. She's an absolute dream baby and has been...
    Posted: 9 days ago 9329 views 3 comments
  • How did you do in the PUMA Points Re-match?

    Congratulations to the PUMA Points Re-match winners - Team Ignite!
    Posted: 13 days ago 22476 views 4 comments
  • Love to the running bugs !!

    Once again have to say am gutted couldnt take part in the Great North But am now feeling rested and the dull ache has finally gone form my ankle Went for a slow gentle run onthe trendmill last and feel that i have way to go to get my fitness back...
    Posted: 14 days ago 56 views 0 comments
  • Marathon Madness!

    Posted on September 29, 2015 by FirstTimes&FinishLines On Sunday the 4th of October 2015 I will be lining up for my first marathon. The Race for Life inaugural marathon at Lee Valley Park, London. 364 days after I ran my first ever half marathon;...
    Posted: 14 days ago 121 views 6 comments
  • Kates' Krunchtastic Kale Chips

    It's #GoFasterFriday and today's recipe will give you something to munch on over the weekend. If you're not into kale, then try with sweet potato, parsnip or beetroot ... or all three! A delicious savoury snack to replace electrolytes after...
    Posted: 18 days ago 7004 views 0 comments
  • The Morning Run

    As the eyes open and the mind awakens, my arm reaches for my phone. 4:13am; only a few minutes before my alarm is due to sound off, but I cancel it before it can so as not to wake the wife who still sleeps soundly. Allowing the sandman the opportunity...
    Posted: 21 days ago 219 views 9 comments
  • See who won the HOKA ONE ONE competition...

    Thank you to everyone who posted their running photos and told us why you run - we had some really wonderful entries which made choosing the best ridiculously hard! After loads of deliberation we are pleased to say congratulations and announce our...
    Posted: 21 days ago 9827 views 0 comments