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    The last blog entry finished with me explaining how I proposed to bug Sharnie, since then lots has happened. I feel this could well be the last chapter in the blog as I don’t see how anything else can match what has just happened to me, to us. ...
    Posted: 1 day ago 140 views 15 comments
  • Ronhill #runeveryday round up

    Thank you to everyone who took part in the Ronhill #runeveryday challenge, so inspiring to see so many of you complete the challenge!
    Posted: 5 days ago 8882 views 36 comments
  • I've Been Running Not Blogging

    I’ve not posted a blog about my running, training or any running events for almost 6 months now. After the Flitch Way Marathon I carried on with my training and then entered the London 12 hour Enduro in June. Part of the reason I blog about my running...
    Posted: 10 days ago 1270 views 0 comments
  • The Importance of Being a Running Bug

    Some people are part of the running bug because they enjoy the banter, others are here for the motivation, inspiration and advice that some of the more regular; or “serious”; runners provide. I have discovered a more heart felt reason for...
    Posted: 20 days ago 384 views 26 comments
  • What's your 80/20?

    Morning my lovelies! Just thinking about the 80/20 rule - eat a sensible balance for 80% of the time; lapse a little for the remaining 20%. I reckon it's a great rule of thumb for all but the most elite of athletes - and easier to sustain...
    Posted: 26 days ago 9800 views 0 comments
  • The reconstruction of a runner

    Following an injury, it is so easy just to throw yourself back out there. The pure joy of running after a period of rest is just too tempting. As runners we are restless, we need to run, Its what runners do. But more importantly, how do we return to running...
    Posted: 30 days ago 140 views 0 comments
  • One hundred days of injury

    We as runners, athletes, occasionally get the odd twinge here or there. It could be, a soreness, a pain or niggle which could appear in the calf, the knee, a quad, hamstring or even the foot. Any part of us where a muscle group is generating power to...
    Posted: 30 days ago 132 views 0 comments
  • She's No Country Pumpkin!

    And so to the best bit about Halloween ... PUMPKINS (the edible variety, that is!) Loaded with goodness, pumpkins are tasty, colourful, sweet and packed with nutritious flavour. And they are fantastic made into these #GoFasterFriday PUMPKIN PANCAKES...
    Posted: 1 month ago 13260 views 0 comments
  • Had a hard week? This #GoFasterFriday recipe will revive you!

    What's not to like about this amazing chilli? Warming, nourishing, loaded with complex carbohydrate, protein, B vitamins, iron and calcium, it's destined to sustain your energy and concentration as well as boost the immune system. I'm...
    Posted: 1 month ago 19945 views 0 comments