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  • How I caught the Running Bug!

    How I caught the running bug! Posted on June 29, 2015 by FirstTimes&FinishLines In June last year my son begged me to take part in CRUK Race for Life, 5k. I laughed… he was serious! At the tender age of seven he wanted to raise money...
    Posted: 8 hours ago 30 views 1 comments
  • PUMA Points Challenge Week 1 DONE!

    Wow; so here we are already into the second week of the challenge and things are flying along at a rapid pace. The opening of the challenge saw a lot of emails being fired back and forth between myself and BugTowers in regards to what this was, or...
    Posted: 17 hours ago 30 views 1 comments

    Today's #gofasterfrdiay recipe is all about ENDURANCE, and these energy bars, packed with jumbo oats, fruit, nuts and seeds, are just the ticket ... These bars are crammed with low GI, slow-release carbohydrate, protein, B vitamins, vitamin E,...
    Posted: 4 days ago 79 views 0 comments
  • The internal argument... A running monologue.

    Does anyone else experience similar? This was my very first Puma points, summer challenge run. I went out hoping just to run 10k, but tonight I overcame that little negative voice in my head. The running bug (TRB) had worked it's way in there providing...
    Posted: 6 days ago 108 views 3 comments
  • PUMA Points Challenge Final Countdown

    One, Two, are you ready to… We are but a mere sleep away from the start of the eagerly anticipated PUMA Points challenge, and I; for one; am so pumped up ready to smack tomorrow in the face! The question is, are you? There are some top...
    Posted: 7 days ago 84 views 2 comments
  • Meet your Team Ignite captain

    Nickname: Fortunately I never had a nickname so was quite worried when I joined the RAF that I’d get a horrible one, however I was simply called ‘Stu’. Fact most people don’t know about me: I can do a weird voice…not...
    Posted: 7 days ago 76 views 0 comments
  • Meet your Team Momentum captain

    Nickname: Mr.D Fact most people don’t know about you: There isn't really a lot people don't already know about me, I'm a fairly open; and honest person, and very outspoken. I supposed the most quirky fact is that I can eat a full...
    Posted: 7 days ago 74 views 0 comments
  • Meet your Team Drive captain

    Nickname: gwendoll16 Fact most people don’t know about you: My name is actually Nikki and the nick name comes from the fact that I collect Gwen Stefani dolls. Creepy but true! Talking tactics – how do you plan to lead your team to victory...
    Posted: 7 days ago 71 views 2 comments
  • Meet your Team Energy captain

    Nickname: Baillie, Lolly, Lau, Bonnie, Blondie... I answer to many things to be honest haha. Fact most people don’t know about you: I used to be really good at fishing. I'm sure my dad wished I was a boy... Talking tactics – how...
    Posted: 7 days ago 86 views 1 comments