Experian agree to sponsor me!

Experian agree to sponsor me!


Hi all,

I had some great news last week in that Experian (the parent company of Techlightenment, who I work far too hard for) agreed to sponsor me! They will give me some money each year to spend on training camps and physio/healthcare as well as race travel. This is obviously great and takes some worry off my mind when justifying training camps as well as when injuries occur and you have that moment of "Do I really want to spend my money on this? Something that doesn't even guarantee fixing it?".

They have also given me support in extra time off to do all of these extra things. I basically get extra holiday days but can work online in between training. Luckily I can still lead projects and manage things without physically being at work, and although it's not ideal, it can work for a few weeks. Thank you Mr Internet Man for creating it!

This all came about because my existing company used to help me out occasionally but when we got bought it was harder to justify and so I went straight to the head of Experian to just ask if they could help. They do have schemes to help good causes but not for individuals so I was a bit outside of the remit but they made a new scheme just for me and I'm delighted. Experian are seen as a very corporate company - they wear suits to work and everything, but this just shows that they are really enthusiastic and understanding towards ambitions outside of work.

I did hang my proposal all around 'Ben's Olympic dream' and so I hope they aren't too upset if I don't run under 2.12. I did explain it was a long shot and I have ambitions beyond the Olympics but I'm not sure that bit registered....!

Oh well, the first use of this money is to have regular physio every 2 weeks and also I've booked flights to Kenya for Feb. Amelia is going with me and is very excited about learning to make Kenyan 'cuisine' and chase giraffes around. Hopefully a few other people will be out there too.




I saw your tweet about booking Kenya. Congratulations on the sponsorship. Good luck with the running, although we runners appreciate it is more than just luck behind success.