My training last week!

My training last week!

So I've not spoken much about my specific training, so I'll start posting my training on here with the odd comment about certain sessions to give some context. My steady runs are at a pace where I can easily chat and I'm not one of those runners who hammers every run. If anything isn't clear or anyone wants more info on some aspects of it then please ask and I'll elaborate! This week is an example of a pretty high mileage week for me but is pretty typical of a standard week for me.

I go and train with Kent A.C. on a Tuesday night for my faster session but tend to add extra bits on here and there to keep the volume high and the recoveries short! The rest is usually on my own, except for when I can meet up with someone occasionally!


Sunday - 20km tempo run with Dan Robinson along Brighton seafront. Started off at 5.35miling then got faster to sub 5 min miling. Felt pretty comfortable. 10k splits were 34.05/31.40 with last 2k in 6.12. Also did 3 miles either side as warm up and down. (18.5)

Monday - AM - 57 mins easy on the Finsbury Park loop at 6.49 miling. Legs felt ok. (8.5)

             PM - 50mins brisk back from work. legs felt pretty good. 6.28 miling and 135 bpm, which is pretty low for me so means I'm fit! (7.5)

Tuesday - AM - 42 mins easy at 7.09 miling and 126 bpm (6)

              PM - 3 x 2.4km with 3-4 mile marathon pace either side. My watch died so no idea on distances really. Kent A.C. were doing 4 x 2km off 3mins but I felt that recovery was too long so carried on for about 4-500m further and jogged back. Was going through 2k on the road loop in 5.45 or so (I think it's a couple secs short though) and was feeling fine. My marathon pace was probably too fast too based on what other people were doing. Estimate of 5.00-5.10 miling. Happy with the session though. (15)

Wednesday - AM - 82 mins easy around the Finsbury Park loop a6 6.50 miling and 136 bpm (11.5)

                 PM - Very easy 43 mins with Nick around the roads and Heath. 7.35 miling but got a bit quicker later on (5.5)

Thursday - AM - 63 mins run to work. Legs felt quite good but kept it relaxed. 6.37 miling (9.5)

              PM - 63 mins at lunchtime along the canals. Met up with Jim and he was doing a 20min pick up so did some fo that too so some of run was 5.30miling or so. Felt very comfortable though. 5.59 miling (10.5)

Friday - AM - Ran to work steady at 6.28 miling (7.5)

Saturday - AM  - 4 x 10mins Kenyan hills on PArliament Hill. Was very muddy so even in spikes had to made sure I stayed on my feet! I was supposed to do a Parkrun but my alarm battery died in the night so I missed it...! Mile pace was 6.03, 5.59, 5.54, 5.59. (11)

              PM - 42 mins very easy at 7.25 miling (5.5)

116.5 miles. A pretty good week and definitely feel I'm in pretty good shape right now.



Wow!  All this and a full time job.  Do you have any social life :o