What's your target time?

The Running Bugs Virgin London Marathon Experience

The Running Bugs Virgin London Marathon Experience
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What's your target time?

  • If you're running the London Marathon, what's your target time? Let us know, come back and post what you got after the race!

  • Having fallen down the stairs last weekend....... I'll be happy to get around without being in too much pain!  I'd be happy with less than 5 hours but for me it's just an acheivement to get to the finish line :)

  • I'm hoping for just under 4 hours .... as long as my nerves don't get the better of me, also been suffering with injury on my calf so never got to do my 22 mile run :(

  • I'm just hoping to finish - preferably on the same day I start :0)

  • I've just got a place for 2013 - starting my 3rd week of a 26 week plan - hope to do it 4 hours but will have a better idea after my first half marathon in February

  • Great Russell, log your miles on Bug Miles so we can see you're keeping up with that training program!!

    Is it your first time?

    Amazing event

  • Hi Sandman

    Yes its my first time - only started running in 2011 and have a slipped disk which can cause pain when training.

    Built up to running 30km a week in last few months, mainly 5miles and 5km runs. Then did the nike 10k this summer and a guildford charity 10k trail run in October.

    In the guildford run i was the highest fund raiser and won a place in the marathon for that charity - i hadnt planned this but decided to go for it - 3 weeks into 24 week training plan.

    To help i have entered a 10k in Jan, and half marathon in Feb and another half in March.



  • Great Russ, you'll be fine. Don't over do it and just keep to a minimum of 4 runs a week and you'll be fine.

    Who you running for?

  • Id be happy with less than 5 hours. I think though it depends on the day. The last LM I done, it was about 70 degrees (back in 2007), so I think I was nearer to 6 hours. I think the main thing is to cross the line smiling

  • Hi Sandman,

    I ran a 10k for Disability Challengers, who provide support for my autistic son. As the highest fund raiser I won a place with them in the VLM - unintended but I decided to go for it!!

  • My first, did a 10k and great north run last year so all new to me, no dea on expected timing aim for 4 hours and a little bit.

  • I just want to finsh so I can justify the sponsor money!!!