Woohoo, We did it!!

The Running Bugs Virgin London Marathon Experience

The Running Bugs Virgin London Marathon Experience
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Woohoo, We did it!!

  • How's everyone feeling who ran the Marathon on Sunday? My legs are still sore but I am still on a bit of a high.

    I've been warned about the post race blues and am not looking forward to it at all 


  • I have them !

  • I feel flat as a pancake, I am desperate to enter something else to have  a goal to aim for, it was so hard but the atmosphere and the kudos of doing it are like nothing I've experienced before :-) :-( :-) :-(

  • I've never run a marathon, so I can only imagine that it must be an anti climax for you all...But...I'm going for it next year, after being inspired by you guys this year, if I can get a place, so thanks for the inspiration.!!

  • I ran Sunday's marathon too (my first ever marathon after starting running only last September) and after the initial elation, I feel very flat and blue. I am wondering what on earth I am going to do with my time this weekend?!? Luckily i had a spa break booked in on Tues and Weds of this week but now I'm back at work and into reality, it feels very weird. My running coach is not allowing me to run for two weeks either so I've got a while skulking around - am constantly looking the photos and the medal as it all passed by in a whirl and need to remind myself that it actually happened and that I actually did it! I've booked a 10km race at the beginning of July so I'll start training for that in a few weeks. It was an extraordinary day, was blown away by the support from the crowds and random strangers cheering me on. Such an inspiring, humbling and heart warming experience.

  • I ran the London Marathon last sunday too, and never thought i would be feeling so down after the buzz of sunday!!but what an amazing event to take part in the crowds watching were amazing and helped to make the day a brilliant experience, and managed to get on the telly!!

  • its awful isnt it...I am addicted want to do it again.I also think after today I must stop talking about it as my family will slap me.

  • The London marathon blows ur mind and keeps me on a high. I will do it next year for sure. I live in Gibraltar but its well worth the effort next year want to combine it with greater Manchester which is a week later!!  Another good marathon if you anyone is interested is seville very flat and cold!

  • is the race blues normal for all events i ran my 1st 10 k yesterday and now feel i must book another asap although im doinng hm in august it seems light years away :(