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Is Christmas too commercialised?

People went crazy this week over Black Friday bargains, and Cyber Monday is still to come. Is this all just too much, and is Christmas becoming far too commercialised? View the comments

Debate Started: 28 Nov 2014, Debate Closing: 28 Nov 2024



Total Votes:7

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Should we keep debates?

There are some exciting changes coming to The Running Bug, and we want to know whether you'd like us to keep debates as part of the site. So if you could, well, debate the debates. Comment on why... View the comments

Debate Started: 20 Nov 2014, Debate Closing: 20 Nov 2024



Total Votes:76

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Do GPS watches make you a better runner?

Do GPS watches make you a better runner, or are they just another unnecessary gadget? Vote and comment now! View the comments

Debate Started: 14 Nov 2014, Debate Closing: 14 Nov 2024



Total Votes:133

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Are weekends for cheating?

As we all work so hard Monday-Friday, are weekends best for ordering pizza and putting your feet up? Or are those two free days all about making the most of the time for a long run and cooking some... View the comments

Debate Started: 07 Nov 2014, Debate Closing: 07 Nov 2014



Total Votes:5

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Is it too expensive to keep fit?

With kit, gym membership and healthy food all adding up, is the cost of keeping fit just too much? Vote now View the comments

Debate Started: 29 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 29 Oct 2024



Total Votes:103

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Is Halloween a load of rubbish?

Carving pumpkins and playing trick or treat; is it just bit of harmless fun or a load of rubbish? Will you be dressing up this year, or are ghost stories and spooky tales not your thing? View the comments

Debate Started: 24 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 24 Oct 2024



Total Votes:51

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Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

Some of us in Bug Towers were shocked to see Christmas displays are already in the shop this week! Do you think it's too early to be getting in the festive mood, or do you wish it could be Christmas... View the comments

Debate Started: 17 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 17 Oct 2024



Total Votes:65

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Are you glad to see the end of summer?

The sun is clinging on, but there's no doubting autumn and winter are on the way. Are you pleased to see the end off summer? No more sweaty runs in boiling heat! Vote now! View the comments

Debate Started: 02 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 02 Oct 2024



Total Votes:127

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Are iPhones better than Android phones?

This week saw #BendGate hit the headlines, with hundreds of people reporting that their brand spanking new iPhones were bending in their pockets. To make things worse, Apple then withdrew their new... View the comments

Debate Started: 26 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 26 Sep 2024



Total Votes:83

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Is ibuprofen good for runners?

Is there power in the pill or is it an unhealthy way to treat your swollen and aching muscles? Where do you sit when it comes to the ibuprofen battle? Have your say now, if you think it is good for... View the comments

Debate Started: 18 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 18 Sep 2014



Total Votes:49

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