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Should food and drink have graphic health warning labels like cigarette packets?

This week reports have surfaced that Australia are considering introducing graphic health warnings on junk food and soft drinks - similar to cigarette packets - to deter people from unhealthy food and... View the comments

Debate Started: 27 Jul 2015, Debate Closing: 27 Jul 2025



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Should there be a sugar tax?

Health groups are calling for a "sugar tax" to be introduced by the UK government to help curb obesity in childhood. This tax would charge companies that sell unhealthy and sugary food to try and discourage... View the comments

Debate Started: 13 Jul 2015, Debate Closing: 13 Jul 2025



Total Votes:46

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Could drinks replace food forever?

A British company claims to have created a complete replacement for food. Huel (a combination of "human" and "fuel") is a vegan powdered formula designed to be mixed with water - and then drunk like a... View the comments

Debate Started: 29 Jun 2015, Debate Closing: 29 Jun 2025



Total Votes:52

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Have you ever lied about how much exercise you do in a week?

This week a study revealed one in four of us tell porkies when it comes to talking about our workouts. Are you willing to own up to this....maybe you've over estimated your bugmiles once or twice? View the comments

Debate Started: 15 Jun 2015, Debate Closing: 15 Jun 2025



Total Votes:55

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Can you be gorgeous AND fat?

Weight loss expert Steve Miller has said it's ludicrous that Tess Holliday, the first size 26 supermodel 'can be gorgeous and fat' . What do you think? Is it possible to be very overweight and gorgeous... View the comments

Debate Started: 11 Jun 2015, Debate Closing: 11 Jun 2022



Total Votes:247

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Is it ever OK to take your top off in the gym?

During a crazy cardio sesh or tough treadmill workout at the gym things can get extremely sweaty. Some gym goers simply can't stand the heat, take their tops off, and carry on working out. Is it... View the comments

Debate Started: 04 Jun 2015, Debate Closing: 04 Jun 2015



Total Votes:33

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Does a high protein diet do more harm than good?

Recent research has shown that eating too much protein can actually be harmful, but what do you think? Is a high protein diet good for runners and recovery or is it actually harmful to your body? Click... View the comments

Debate Started: 08 May 2015, Debate Closing: 08 May 2020



Total Votes:167

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Is Sky TV ruining sport?

Sky TV now seem to have the exclusive rights to most sports - having owned football for a while, Sky has now taken over cricket and half of Formula 1 - and their prices continue to rise. Do you think... View the comments

Debate Started: 30 Mar 2015, Debate Closing: 30 Mar 2025



Total Votes:149

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Would you ditch your Garmin for an Apple watch?

The new Apple watch promises to get you fit with all kinds of new gadgets like an integrated heart rate monitor and friendly reminders to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND RUN but would you ditch your trusty Garmin... View the comments

Debate Started: 19 Mar 2015, Debate Closing: 19 Mar 2025



Total Votes:176

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Is the Great North Run better than the London Marathon?

To kick off this months North v. South challenge we want to know who has the best runs! What do you think? Is the Great North Run a far superior event to the London Marathon? Vote Yes if you think... View the comments

Debate Started: 03 Mar 2015, Debate Closing: 03 Mar 2025



Total Votes:81

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