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Are Nike better than Adidas?

They're two of the biggest names in sport, but in a head to head who do you favour? Is it Nike who you rely on to get you over the finish line, or are Adidas the ones that get you smashing your PB? View the comments

Debate Started: 14 Aug 2014, Debate Closing: 14 Aug 2024



Total Votes:38

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Is it too hot to run?

Summer is in full swing and the mercury is rising, but with temperatures reaching 33°C in some parts of the UK, does that make it too hot to run? Vote now in our debate. View the comments

Debate Started: 22 Jul 2014, Debate Closing: 22 Jul 2024



Total Votes:154

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Would England win in The Running World Cup?

Football fever has well and truly hit, and as some bugs aren't the biggest fans of 'The Beautiful Game', here at Bug Towers we've put together an alternative option for all of you to enjoy. Take a look... View the comments

Debate Started: 13 Jun 2014, Debate Closing: 13 Jun 2024



Total Votes:77

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Are you sick of the world cup already?

The world has started to go football crazy with Brazil 2014 only weeks away. Will England win the world cup? Will Brazil lift the trophy on home turf? Do you care? If you're sick of the world cup... View the comments

Debate Started: 28 May 2014, Debate Closing: 28 May 2024



Total Votes:114

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Does rain stop you running?

Whilst some of us run rain or shine, a large proportion of us are definitely fair weather runners. Despite the sun making an early appearance this year, it seems to have now retreated and heavy showers... View the comments

Debate Started: 08 May 2014, Debate Closing: 08 May 2024



Total Votes:195

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Is it more enjoyable running alone?

Running is often seen as a solitary sport, and many would argue that to achieve the best performance - and even gain the most enjoyment - it's better to head out on your own. But not everyone runs alone... View the comments

Debate Started: 16 Apr 2014, Debate Closing: 16 Apr 2024



Total Votes:258

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Is it appropriate for men to run shirtless when the sun is out?

In the last few weeks the sun has started shining and it seems that winter is finally on it's way out. With spring in full swing and summer around the corner is it acceptable for men to run topless... View the comments

Debate Started: 21 Mar 2014, Debate Closing: 21 Mar 2024



Total Votes:314

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A rewarding post run drink is more satisfying than post run food

This week we're asking you to Reward you Run We want to know if you look forward to a refreshing post run drink more than a tasty food reward. Vote yes if you agree View the comments

Debate Started: 12 Mar 2014, Debate Closing: 12 Mar 2024



Total Votes:106

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Will Mo win the London Marathon?

Do you think Mo Farah will win this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon? Some suggest the double olympic and world champion is Britain's greatest ever athlete, but he'll face stiff competition... View the comments

Debate Started: 05 Mar 2014, Debate Closing: 05 Mar 2024



Total Votes:76

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Should stretching be part of your running regime?

The benefits of stretching a well known, and whilst some runners insist on warming up and cooling down, others prefer to simply hit the road. Do you think stretching is an essential part of running... View the comments

Debate Started: 26 Feb 2014, Debate Closing: 26 Feb 2024



Total Votes:218

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