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Is Halloween a load of rubbish?

Carving pumpkins and playing trick or treat; is it just bit of harmless fun or a load of rubbish? Will you be dressing up this year, or are ghost stories and spooky tales not your thing? View the comments

Debate Started: 24 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 24 Oct 2024



Total Votes:9

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Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

Some of us in Bug Towers were shocked to see Christmas displays are already in the shop this week! Do you think it's too early to be getting in the festive mood, or do you wish it could be Christmas... View the comments

Debate Started: 17 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 17 Oct 2024



Total Votes:58

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Are you glad to see the end of summer?

The sun is clinging on, but there's no doubting autumn and winter are on the way. Are you pleased to see the end off summer? No more sweaty runs in boiling heat! Vote now! View the comments

Debate Started: 02 Oct 2014, Debate Closing: 02 Oct 2024



Total Votes:121

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Are iPhones better than Android phones?

This week saw #BendGate hit the headlines, with hundreds of people reporting that their brand spanking new iPhones were bending in their pockets. To make things worse, Apple then withdrew their new... View the comments

Debate Started: 26 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 26 Sep 2024



Total Votes:81

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Is ibuprofen good for runners?

Is there power in the pill or is it an unhealthy way to treat your swollen and aching muscles? Where do you sit when it comes to the ibuprofen battle? Have your say now, if you think it is good for... View the comments

Debate Started: 18 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 18 Sep 2014



Total Votes:49

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Is running better with music?

Some like to tune into the sound of breathing and embrace the peace and solitude of running without and some like the beats to jiggle their feet. What do you prefer when you run, running with or without... View the comments

Debate Started: 11 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 11 Sep 2015



Total Votes:179

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Are juice cleanses good for you?

It seems like everyone is on a juice cleanse at the moment. Is it a quick way to lose weight, and give your body a serious detox or is it just another fad promoting poor, and potentially dangerous, nutritional... View the comments

Debate Started: 05 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 05 Sep 2015



Total Votes:79

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Is peanut butter better than Nutella

In the battle of the condiments, it's always going to be a toughie, but what do you prefer to top your toast with? Are you a peanut butter lover all the way, or do you want your nuts with a chocolatey... View the comments

Debate Started: 03 Sep 2014, Debate Closing: 03 Sep 2024



Total Votes:63

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Is it too wet to run?

The good old British summer is failing miserably, and August is well and truly a wash out. Is pouring rain enough to stop you running and is it just too wet to run? View the comments

Debate Started: 26 Aug 2014, Debate Closing: 26 Aug 2024



Total Votes:71

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Are Nike better than Adidas?

They're two of the biggest names in sport, but in a head to head who do you favour? Is it Nike who you rely on to get you over the finish line, or are Adidas the ones that get you smashing your PB? View the comments

Debate Started: 14 Aug 2014, Debate Closing: 14 Aug 2024



Total Votes:54

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