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  • shredpunk ran 3.85 miles in 33m 15s on 2nd Sep
  • a little better, but found it hard

  • 27 minutes ago
    • 8m 37s per mile
John williamson
  • John williamson ran 2 miles in 19m 57s on 2nd Sep
  • Thorn to burst wick corner 6am.

  • 54 minutes ago
    • 9m 58s per mile
  • Lugzy ran 2.50 miles in 20m 56s on 2nd Sep
  • nice run in, heavy pack on still good time

  • 1 hour ago
    • 8m 22s per mile
  • Lugzy ran 2.20 miles in 18m 10s on 1st Sep
  • oo a pretty good run home

  • 2 hours ago
    • 8m 15s per mile
  • SLH ran 6.52 miles in 53m 15s on 2nd Sep
  • Ok

  • 2 hours ago
    • 8m 9s per mile
27 minutes ago