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  1. Duncan Grant ran 7.25 miles in 59m 34s on 27th Aug

    8m 12s per mile - feeling happy

    Favourite river 🌊🌊 run πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒalong the river bank with strong tidal windπŸ’¨πŸ’¨, long cut grass and a nice cool down afte

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  2. berit ran 4.35 miles in 40m 10s on 26th Aug

    9m 14s per mile on a treadmill - feeling okay

    good run

    2 minutes ago 0 comments
  3. simon.noz ran 3.11 miles in 24m 2s on 27th Aug

    7m 43s per mile on a mixed surface - feeling happy

    Wanted a steady Sewerby run. Felt steady so really happy with the time.

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  4. Dawnie01 ran 9.00 miles in 2h 0m 59s on 27th Aug

    13m 26s per mile on a road via - feeling happy

    Long run tough

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  5. Glinda ran 3.11 miles in 33m 43s on 27th Aug

    10m 51s per mile on a road - feeling happy

    Parkrun with wardrobe malfunction 😳

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