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  • JoDoleman ran 5 miles in 53m 13s on 25th Jul
  • Worstead 5miles, brilliant

  • a few seconds ago
    • 10m 38s per mile
  • JoDoleman ran 3.11 miles in 35m 15s on 26th Jul
  • ran with son, superb

  • a few seconds ago
    • 11m 20s per mile
  • rjewess ran 3.16 miles in 36m 26s on 26th Jul
  • knocked 7 mins off my 5k pb!

  • a few seconds ago
    • 11m 31s per mile
  • Glencross ran 4.25 miles in 40m 57s on 28th Jul
  • w/u then 5-4-3-2-1- min s fast with 1 min recovery in between.c/d  I love this session as it just seems to fly by

  • a few seconds ago
    • 9m 38s per mile
  • gail294 ran 2.54 miles in 23m 45s on 28th Jul
  • Finally feeling like I'm getting back on form after months of physio.  Cooler weather helped too :)

  • 3 minutes ago
    • 9m 21s per mile
a few seconds ago