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  1. Juipter ran 4.24 miles in 39m 18s on 24th May

    9m 16s per mile on a road - feeling happy


    2 minutes ago 0 comments
  2. sarah.rogers.1804 ran 2.97 miles in 29m 20s on 24th May

    9m 52s per mile off-road - feeling happy

    Boiling hot!

    4 minutes ago 0 comments
  3. ClareEfcefc1878 ran 2.65 miles in 26m 5s on 23rd May

    9m 50s per mile on a mixed surface - feeling okay

    Short run to get the legs moving

    6 minutes ago 0 comments
  4. Chickenrun63 ran 2.21 miles in 23m 0s on 24th May

    10m 25s per mile on a mixed surface - feeling happy


    7 minutes ago 0 comments
  5. Lukejwebster ran 5.79 miles in 1h 1m 12s on 24th May

    10m 33s per mile on a mixed surface via - feeling happy

    Always nicer running in the sun listening to some music

    8 minutes ago 0 comments
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